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Zhangcheng Ying Mouguang revealing some views, see the previous seven princes face some ugly, he went back on the good grace of his carriage. I paid the money, she borrowed the side of the Panda Inn, comfortably took a bath, removed one of the corpses, and changed his waiter brought clothes, a fresh, never mind sleep there Duoshu Tan! However, the second morning, she was awakened by a burst of noisy sound, put on clothes up to open the door, saw the door to his room and immediately got a bunch of people, store manager of the official being dressed with a middle-aged man said what evening among open the door when the man heard the movement to look back and be the man to see the face, really want to curse the evening among the day one: rely on, whether or not a coincidence! Come not others, who Zhangcheng Ying precisely yesterday in the palace seen. "This girl was burned by the root of the needle into the brain, blocking the flow of blood, so that the body can not breathe, this makes choking her to death. wholesale New England Patriots jerseys for sale He nodded Dankan at her and said: "Here with dozens of corpses, the earliest that the inn today is the capital and the surrounding similar case three months ago. New England Patriots jerseys free shipping " Zhangcheng Ying hesitated maiden tongue out, Lehen clear, a glance is the ordinary people hanged themselves, and even the capital of neighboring bursts of so many similar cases, after checking newspaper Wuzuo are hanging up, however, the front of this girl says not hanging." Feng Yu suddenly a pair of eye reddening, suddenly beat photographed on the table, looking ashen. cheap New England Patriots jerseys online

To that concubine Yin Xinhui accommodation is repairing the entire front hall into the hall, Yin Xinhui coffin lay in between. Zhangcheng Ying like suddenly react, quickly stepped forward and said, "to the girl, ordinary weak woman how you make a living? This is profiteering have an idea, I do not know the girl is willing?" Boundary Star FIG. Heard, but did not expose the evening among the expected relaxed look, but frowned, apparently not satisfied with this answer. But she knew that did not go with Italian children are, after all, intended to children is the son of phoenix feather, she a concubine, meaning children are not her own flesh and blood, there is no reason to take him. Zhangcheng Ying some ignorant, do not understand what it meant, but it has the side of the hook lip Fung Che exposed to a very light laugh, "money?" Evening among eyelids jump, he glanced Mouguang.

" He'd answered lightly. Xiang Wan continued, "I asked the second wife around maid, this doctor is a resident doctor Fuchu, normally quite attentive to the second wife, the second wife but never bother him. Although the evening among the exhibits of this too thoroughly utilize some, but those who told the Royal dangerous people, put his jacket Zhibuding word go. New England Patriots jerseys from china In fact, he did do that! Hand to capture the moment on the evening among the throat, still leaning against the wall just to be ready to fall into a weak woman, at the moment actually a move stature, petite body and flexible body side escaped from phoenix feather, retreated beside the coffin, staring coldly phoenix feather, "Royal Highness this moody temperament is really bad, I say you have to listen to another way to shock the world, listening to it when, but also unable to control his angry, although in the eyes of human lives princes but on the evening among their own lives but the Jingui, just survived, I do not want to immediately and unknowingly dead! " See everyone looking at her eyes different, she apparently did not expect such a weak woman actually agility smart, phoenix feather is livid.