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"What a high mountain wide sea." But picked evening among eyebrow, slowly approached the woman that step Guanzhong, "if no one has given me a stick of incense queen, and I'll talk about the second wife's death?" Zhangcheng Ying not yet open, it has Wuzuo sneer, "how? Could there also understand autopsy girl? Or the girl will feel decrepit test wrong?" Wuzuo think he did what the dead have not seen for decades? This corpse is, after ordinary kill postmortem and faked drowned deceptions, even such a simple cause of death will be a girl questioned Wuzuo clearly not convinced. If I have to stay a few adults, I have nothing to say, but I do not belong seven palace, seven palace who did not qualify my bundle, and the case is over, I leave immediately! " Feng Yu's face does not look good, faintly moved, but he's off the book, but much too well known, especially in the presence of the three princes and Jingzhao prefect face is not good rebuttal, and therefore did not speak a calm face." The needle is placed in her hands a scratch Parry, the needle not blood, "because the needles are burned, so the piercing of no trace of blood, but also because the needle between the hair bundle, it is difficult to find, unusual Wuzuo will not find!" Zhangcheng Ying surprised by, watching the evening, when Mouzhong all admire, "It seems to please the girl, the slightest wrong!" Fung Che keeps his eyes on the long iron needles Flanagan, then drew on his face fell, road quite a while, "the girl with the king, please come. Miami Dolphins jerseys free shipping

See the case come to an end, then at the evening among the phoenix feather look Fung Che Road, "in accordance with the agreement, the evening among the moment is not to leave?" "Leave? I am in the end it turns out that the doctor is not a murderer? And how do you be sure he must be the murderer?" The woman from the classroom just now beginning to wake up, completely out of their control, the original piece of paper she suddenly became a fan called him and felt very irritable feeling come. cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys online Please?" A phoenix feather eye color blind, "The king loved one's body is not at hand can touch Wuzuo vile?" Drop evil Notes Indeed, the ancient Wuzuo status is not high, phoenix feather say there is a certain cause. so now, I can eluting suspects yet, seven princes? " Feng Yu looked up, eye color gloomy, "If not you, who also set to benefit children to death?" Evening among shrugged, "these, it is necessary to check the Queen people!" Zhangcheng Ying frowned, originally just an ordinary murder together, it seems, things did not seem so simple surface, it seems more and more tricky .

"Phoenix is ??three princes secured it to me?" Xiang Wan laugh loudly, then said, "This case while limiting my freedom, but there is always one day solve the case, but only a matter of time. Miami Dolphins jerseys from china Go all the way, because of physical weakness, he crossed the threshold when the evening among the foot a bit superficial, almost fell." is indeed the truth, but the benefits of children are his, but Oibara autopsy, she died with this, I could not bear to see her he suffered another cut in pieces? Feng Yu Feng got up and went before the coffin looking Che, "for whatever reason, the king never agree!" Fung Che frowned, "the cause of death did not know how to settle a lawsuit? This affair has alarmed the Fu Huang, a concubine because you spin such an extent already unhappy Fu Huang, if not faster understanding of the case, the North Hou I'm afraid there will be government rhetoric, you finally hard to today, do you want a woman to lose the Sacred heart? " The words straight to the point.