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"What way?" Feng Yu in the end is spoke. "To the girl, and so on! The town hall of Wuzuo deep sleep since yesterday as good as others have voluntarily resigned, sudden Xiaguan not find a suitable Wuzuo to autopsy girl means a must, since it happened in the girl, also invited to girl a favor! " Evening among the eyeball a turn, she is not an autopsy specialist, not what body to find her ah! "Da, and this autopsy or the like Wuzuo thing to say it, after all I am a girl, but also not Wuzuo inconvenient!" "The girl . wholesale Miami Dolphins jerseys from china Men in white costumes left a faint trace of condensate complexion livid, not saying a word, the man on the right is a deep plum, looks Su, together with the men on the left are the number one handsome face, but a peach eye Chill a mild eye phoenix , two completely different temperament. * After finished the evening among single tool still underneath a few taste herbs, are treating trauma. There are evening among children? But she just came through, head originally belonged to "evening among" Memory is not perfect, but at the moment looking at the child a coarse linen, but four-year-old Mo Yang, but piercing cry, I do not know is not original the evening among the consciousness is still, when they recovered, she burst into tears torn.

" Feng Yu suddenly a pair of eye reddening, suddenly beat photographed on the table, looking ashen. Although it is known now that he is not suitable to disturb, but she did not want to wade into a muddy water. wholesale Miami Dolphins jerseys free shipping Original evening among the really shallow knowledge, coupled with the original identity, if not earlier understanding on the court, and she simply do not know these great men, and therefore information about the three princes Fung Fung Che is less and the mind less. Tsurumai next month Fung Fung Che always drooping eye watching, vigil side, silent, face and looked there have been no changes in the side of the face on the diversification of the phoenix feather, but also heartache and a look of shock and if the thinking, several emotions intertwined together, changing the look, in the end actually slowly quiet. wholesale Miami Dolphins jerseys

"Boldly to s! In the end how the poison Yin Shi, come quickly summoned!" Gavel heavy blow in the classroom, uttered a deafening ring, suddenly runners on both sides have issued a "mighty" sound, one face vicious, like Usually people want to cut in pieces. wholesale Miami Dolphins jerseys " But picked evening among eyebrow, slowly approached the woman that step Guanzhong, "if no one has given me a stick of incense queen, and I'll talk about the second wife's death?" Zhangcheng Ying not yet open, it has Wuzuo sneer, "how? Could there also understand autopsy girl? Or the girl will feel decrepit test wrong?" Wuzuo think he did what the dead have not seen for decades? This corpse is, after ordinary kill postmortem and faked drowned deceptions, even such a simple cause of death will be a girl questioned Wuzuo clearly not convinced. Xiang Wan hesitated, apparently unexpected.